A NorCal Good Sam RV Group Sacramento Chapter             

Affiliated chapter of the Good Sam Club, Inc. & Camping World
(Chaptered in July 1970)

We have been a Good Sam Chapter since July, 1970, which makes us one of the longest running Chapters in Northern California.   We are always interested in recruiting new members. If you are interested in the RV lifestyle and want to join an RV group, now is the perfect time to attend one of our week-end outings to find out what we are all about. Our age group is 55+ years but we welcome people of all ages and embrace new members, so please give us a try as you are not obligated to join.

To be a member of the Sacramento Rubber Bums you need to belong to Good Sam or Camping World and submit an application for membership. There are no requirements for ownership of an RV. The application form may be obtained from the Secretary, who is named below, or you can obtain an application form under the "FORMS" section of our website at www.sacrubberbums.com.

When you become a member, your dues will be prorated for the remaining months of the current year. The yearly Dues are $35 and are due on or before November 1st. Members who have not paid by November 1st will be charged an additional $5 through November 30.   After November 30, you can be dropped from the group for non-payment of dues. The application form provides us with your phone numbers, address, and email. This information is used to provide you with Club information and to send out flyers of upcoming outings.   When we receive your application form you will be welcomed as a member of the Sacramento Rubber Bums. As a member you will receive a Club flag (if/when available) to display outside your rig at our outings in support of Good Sam and your fellow members.

We travel to RV Parks within 150 miles from the State Capitol of Sacramento. The duty of hosting an outing as the Assistant Wagonmaster, is on a revolving basis with each member/couple volunteering for available open months, which will be recorded on a calendar maintained and provided by the Wagonmaster. Depending on the number or members we have determines
the frequency of when you will need to host an outing. We currently have 11 rigs in our group, so you will serve as the Assistant Wagonmaster and host an outing approximately every 11 or 12 months. As we gain/loose members, the time between hosting will change accordingly. In order to ensure reservations, outings should be booked a least a year in advance.

Our chapters outings are normally held on the second weekend of the month which includes Thursday and Friday.   However, we can, and do, change weekends on occasion, due to the availability of RV parks. No matter which weekend you choose, it's important to notify the Wagonmaster as soon as you have made your reservations.

Assistant Wagonmaster(s) send flyers out to all members and any other interested parties a minimum of two months prior to the outing. The flyer should indicate the campground, dates, location and whether or not wood fires are allowed. As the Assistant Wagonmaster, you will complete the "Attendance Form", which is available on the website under the "FORMS" link. The Attendance Form provides the list of individuals attending your outing as well as other pertinent information. Assistant Wagonmaster(s) are free to choose the theme and entertainment, which keeps the outings interesting. If another member wishes to have an event at your outing, it is mandatory for them to work with you as the Assistant Wagonmaster(s) to work out any special requests. All planned events should be listed on the Flyer, but individuals are free to attend or not attend the events.

Some of our members may arrive on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Saturday evening we have our Club potluck. Sometimes the main course is planned and sometimes not. Between events, we play games, cards, visit with others, go sightseeing, fishing, enjoy a "happy hour", or whatever we want to do. Our goal is to simply have fun!! Most of the group packs-up and leaves on Sunday, but some members may stay an additional day.   If you wish to arrive prior to Wednesday and/or depart after Sunday, the Assistant Wagonmaster will do whatever they can to accommodate, but ultimately, it is up to you to secure any nights other than the specific dates of the outing.

Please feel free to contact any of our officers listed below if you have any questions.


President - Frank Mezzanares
     916-276-7691 or fmezzanares@yahoo.com
Vice President - David Haynes
     916-880-0368 or davncar1@att.net
Secretary - Nancy Baldwin
     916-849-9681 or nancybaldw@gmail.com
Treasurer/Webmaster - Tom Mezzanares
     916-752-7443 or tjmezzan@gmail.com
Wagonmaster - Carol Haynes
     916-903-8272 or sewwhat4who@gmail.com
Sheriff - Open   
Sunshine - Dotti Dunn
     916-847-3410 or dunndor@aol.com
Publicity - Open